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Proud feeling seeing myLovelyParent as Guardian’s top internet story. Even better knowing we’ve just reached our first 100 parents. 

Shout if any of you guys are up for testing a prototype of the site. 



This is our new video. Please like it, love it, reblog it. 

My new myLovelyParent video. Please reblog if you’ve got any friends with single parents. They’ll love it. Promise! 

After months of signing up to 50 yrs+ dating sites (for research purposes only…although Debbie, 63 from Avon was kinda cute) the new site is live. Well the registration to be invited to the beta. 

It’s something me and my brother have been developing since earlier this year, inspired by our lovely, single mum. And recently we’ve been working with the ex-Technical Director of MySingleFriend to make it happen. 

Go check it out at and PLEASE sign up +/or FB like it. 

Let me know what you think. ›

New business. Launched.

For any of you guys with a single mum/dad go check it out. Would love some feedback! If a 1,000 of you think it’s a good idea we’ll make it happen ; )

Ideas please…

It’s time for a work refresh. I’m pretty much fully out of Pollen (my last agency) and kinda feel it’s time for a change. But to what?

And this is where you come in…

Brilliant business ideas please. To start the ball rolling: - local coffee shop - digital marketing/IP creation company - high-end clothing brand (before/after sport) - luxury sabbaticals company