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…are my friend again. True story.

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It's 5am. The Norseman has begun. ›

Possibly the most brutal tri. Only c.250 entrants every year. Almost impossible to get in.

Taken out 3.8k by ferry, swim back in Norway’s freezing fjords. Huge hills coupled with crazy temperatures on the 112 mile bike. Same for the 26.2 mile run including scrambling terrain and finishing at the top of a mountain.

Oh and you bring your own support crew.

Genius. I’m so going to try and sign for next year. Proper hard core.

The big 3 (adventures)

Okay, so we’ve done the branded racing for the season. Now it’s time for something slightly of the grid.

1. The Bridge Valley Bastard
A 26.2 mile up and down over one of Bristol’s hilliest hills. And Bristol’s pretty hilly. It’s a 0.44 miles stretch which we’ll be running up and down 60 times. 
When: 22nd December (winter solstice), midnight.
Who: well so far it’s kinda just me and my mate Ben. All welcome ;)

2. Bath to Bristol Swim
A 10 miles or so (haven’t measured it yet) swim. Hopefully with the current.
We’re not too sure if you’ll be able to swim the whole way but we’re reckoning you can. Again this one’s just me and Ben so if you fancy swimming feel free to join. Or grab a kayak/dingy/rubber ring and come for a paddle. 

3. The (Tumblr?) Core Triathlon
A tri with a twist and something to keep the core strong this winter. 
1 x 100 push ups
1 x 1km lunges
1 x 5 minute plank
Not sure this one’s been done before but it looks like a good one. Hmmm…funnily enough it’s just me and Ben (I so got to get a new drinking buddy) doing this one too. But there’s no reason we can’t organise a global Tumblr Core Tri to take place simultaneously around the world. If anyone fancies helping me seed that one out I’m sure we could work out a plan. 

Right that’s it. 

First step, sort my back out. And to celebrate I’m off for a swim. 

Taper over. Wait. Race.

9 months of training. 6 days a week. Rain. Snow. Wind. Sun.

9 months of healthy eating, healthy living. 

Injuries. Pain. Sacrifice. Laughs. 

F*ck I can’t wait to race. To take my body to it’s limits. To suffer pain I never knew I could. To work hard. To tune in and listen to my body. To push my limits. 

2 days. I AM SO EXCITED.


And then I might just sell that fucking bike. And the wetsuit come to think about it. And eat cake. And have a fucking beer. I so want a beer.

Old is good.

Breakfast, movie, run, swim, hot tub. Done. All before 8am. I wonder if those old people queueing at the post office have done the same. I’d like to think so. 

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5 more weeks.

5 weeks today and I’ll have completed Ironman Nice 2011. BOOM. 

This week is recovery. Then 4 weeks taper. That I can manage. 

Current injury log: 
Swim - mildly damaged left shoulder which fortunately is on best behaviour at the moment.
Bike - seriously severe lower back pains. Bike set up is good. Core is strong. Physio is trying to sort me out. Last ride I buckled about 3 hrs in. Not looking too good at the mo.
Run - nothing. ALL GOOD.

Loved the journey so far [although cannot wait for ‘normal’ life to resume].

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Surround yourself with people who are better.

Yesterday I rode my bike for 100 miles. I then ran 10 more. All at race pace. Today my legs are tired. 

I headed out with my mate Andy. And what I learnt it is that training with someone better than you, pushes you to be better. I’m kinda thinking that is true for everything in life. 

The end. 

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